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MO ScootersWhether you are an experienced scooterist, or a newbie, why not check out the latest and greatest scooter models at your local Missouri scooter dealer?  Or Better yet, schedule a test drive!
  Distance: If you’re going to buy one then you’re going to have to transport it. Transporting a scooter costs money, especially if you have to rent a trailer. Make sure you calculate this cost into the overall cost of the scooter. On the other hand if you have your M class license and you go to a MO scooter dealer, you could drive it off the lot and straight home. 

Repair and Maintenance: 
Another thing to consider is that you should be able to take your scooter back to the local dealer at any time for a repair. If you purchased elsewhere then you’re going to have to travel just to have your scooter repaired. A local business will be faster, more reliable and cost less money. Usually a scooter dealer is the best place to have yours repaired because they are more likely to have the expertise you need. 

Featured Scooter Dealers in Missouri

St. Louis 
Kansas City
St. Louis

Used Scooters for sale in Missouri

used Vespa PrimaveraUsed 2015 Vespa Primavera                 White  3,500 Miles
Reno's Powersports KC

used Yamaha scooter2015 Yamaha Zuma
Red & Grey  Less than 100 miles
Donelson Cycles

Parts Availability: If you buy from a local scooter shop in Missouri then you can call them at any time to have parts serviced or replaced. If you purchased your scooter elsewhere then it’s going to be a bit more of a hassle. Local scooter dealers will have the parts you need because they sell the scooter you bought. Usually a company will be more likely to keep parts in stock, or be able to order them for you on short notice. 

Support Your Local Economy: Did you know that your local shop is likely owned by a small business? If you want to support your local economy, put money back into your area and improve your area then purchasing local is the way to go. 

Missouri Scooter Dealers

 MO Scooter Dealer  Phone Number
 City  Scooter Makes
 Advantage Powersports  816-421-1515  Kansas City  
 Approved Automotive Powersports  573-642-4447  Fulton  
 Big St. Charles Motorsports  636-946-6487  St. Charles  
 Brad's Scooters  636-946-8222  St. Charles  
 Brookfield Auto Sales & Service  660-258-7309  Brookfield  
 Dell's Powersports  816-229-0300  Blue Springs  
 Dick's Cycles  660-826-1553  Sedalia  
 Donelson Cycles  314-849-1830  St. Louis  Yamaha
 Fenton Power Sports  636-533-0486  Fenton  
 Fort Awesome Powersports  417-532-9253  Lebanon  
 Flying Tiger Motorcycles  314-645-7425  St. Louis  
 Honda of the Ozarks  417-862-4686  Springfield  
 Jim Trenary Motorsports  800-748-8098  Washington  
 Jones Honda  573-875-4447  Columbia  
 Kiss My Gas Scooters  417-863-9600  Springfield  
 Larry's Motorsports  573-893-3209  Jefferson City  
 Lincoln Powersports  314-356-1281  Moscow Mills  
 LSK Lebanon  417-588-3550  Lebanon  
 Mega Motorsports  888-998-9323  West Plains  
 Midwest Sports Center  573-756-7975  Farmington  
 M & M Motorsports  816-358-8500  Kansas City  
 Moto Europa  314-534-3410  St. Louis  
 Mungenast Motorsports  855-585-7147  St. Louis  
 Powersports of Joplin  417-623-4661  Joplin  
 QC Moto  417-862-4343  Springfield  
 Reno's Powersports KC  816-942-8900  Kansas City  Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia, Yamaha
 Rich's Cycle Center  314-631-1300  St. Louis  
 Rockroad Scooter Company  314-942-3200  St. Louis  
 Scooter Dave Motorsports  417-359-3926  Joplin  
 Scooter Folk  417-454-5039  Neosho  
 Scooters & More  417-726-5322  Joplin  
 Scooter Town  417-389-1891  Neosho  
 Stahlman Powersports  573-364-3964  Rolla  
 STL AUTO  314-282-5550  St. Louis  New & Used Sales
 Super Scooters North  417-865-9500  Springfield  
 Super Scooters South  417-881-9966  Springfield  
 SEMO Motor Sports  573-243-9962  Jackson  
 Springfield Powersports  317-862-4343  Springfield  
 St. Louis Powersports  636-385-6300  St. Louis  
 Super Scooter Shop  417-865-9500  Springfield  
 Yeager's  660-826-2925  Sedalia  
 Youngblood Powersports  417-582-1065  Ozark  

Scooters in Missouri

Last but not least, a dealer will be someone that you can visit or call at any time for help with your scooter. Whether you want to know where to get modifications, how to get your M class license or just know more about the industry, benefits and lifestyle, chances are you can find the information at a local Missouri scooter shop.

The confusion between mopeds and scooters is prevalent because both bikes are lightweight model motorcycles and over time, many of their characteristics have become interchanged. Today, both are very similar in appearance and style, and even manufacturers may sometimes confuse the two titles. As a rule of thumb, just choose a model based on what you want to use it for.  

Choosing a motor scooter should involve research based on the capabilities and options presented by the bike as well finding the right scooter dealers. Setting a budget and sticking to it can also help buyers to choose the bike they want without going over the price they can afford. Usually what the scooter will be used for, such as driving between work, or driving for fun, or transporting groceries or etc. should be used as a major determining decision before choosing the bike. Many scooter companies offer multiple models so make sure that you check out your options, compare prices, and research your needs before a purchase.

Things to look for when purchasing a used scooter

There are several things you need to see and keep in mind before purchasing a used motor scooter. If you don’t have enough knowledge about its repair work and parts, we prefer you to buy a new scooter. Or if you’ve someone who is a professional in such field than you can ask he or she about its necessary components and facts that should be kept in mind before buying a used one. Let’s have a look at some facts that should be focused before purchasing a used scooter.

First of all, start with its Engine. Will it turn over? If it does, but somehow it doesn’t start, it could be a problem with start of the fuel. Take the gas top off and have a look inside the tank. In the event that it’s corroded the crab is most likely stopped up and needs a proper cleaning, as will the gas tank and fuel lines. Take a look at the motor, are the motor parts split, or canvassed in oil and slop?

Secondly, check its electrical and cable, check for start by evacuating the fitting wire and putting a screwdriver toward the finish of attachment wire and hold it close to the start plug, kick it over and search for a start to bounce from the screw driver to the attachment. Check the miles on the speedometer. Does it coordinate the wear and appearance of the bicycle? Verify whether the speedometer link is associated. Take a gander at the links and levers, do they work easily or do they tie and are corroded?

Scooter Clubs in Missouri

Springfield Vintage Scooter Club         30 Days Scooter Gang  

Going down to alignment, rectify the front end, and afterward go to 8 feet before the bicycle, hunch down and look at the front forks. They tend to be straight and even. Sometimes, the handlebars might be bowed and may make the forks give off an impression of being aligned by sight. Check this twice by sitting on the bicycle and looking down at the position of the tire when the bars are straight. If the bicycle works and runs, check on its performance, that after completely warmly up how it works on ground level and slopes. If you hear a screeching sound, it might be a problem of brakes. Does it swing or bubble while driving? If it does, then it could be matter of front wheel alteration.

Some signs that you don’t have to ignore and can be bad for you, if it shakes than it could be due to bad tires. Carefully listen to the engine internal voices. Make sure you discuss its history with the dealer after your test drive. After some moments, look down and around the scooter body, make sure it doesn’t have serious damage seals like, fuel tank, crank seals or transmission seals. Then start it again, check the voices that come while you start it and how smoothly does it starts? How does it appear? Isn’t it painted again due to some accident or anything? Does it have any damage repair on its body? Look for the damaged parts. Make sure it is well maintained, and you aren’t being charged for a useless piece of trap.

Last but not the least make sure that it has all the legal registration papers, isn’t stolen or charged for some robbery. You can see it details through online sites, its registration ids and various stuff. You can go to the police station of its respective area and have details from the Sheriff. Look for the whole market for its rate and don’t just stick to one dealer, go have a look at various dealers so you might have an idea about the price.

MO Scooter Laws
Scooter laws vary from state to state.  For more information about scooter laws and licensing requirements in the state of Missouri, click here



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