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scooter dealer New YorkWhether you are an experienced scooterist, or a newbie, why not check out the latest and greatest scooter models at your local New York scooter dealer? Or Better yet, schedule a test drive! If you’re going to buy one then you’re going to have to transport it. Transporting a scooter costs money, especially if you have to rent a trailer. Make sure you calculate this cost into the overall cost of the scooter. On the other hand if you have your M class license and you go to a MO scooter dealer, you could drive it off the lot and straight home. 

Repair and Maintenance: 
Another thing to consider is that you should be able to take your scooter back to the local dealer at any time for a repair. If you purchased elsewhere then you’re going to have to travel just to have your scooter repaired. A local business will be faster, more reliable and cost less money. Usually a scooter dealer is the best place to have yours repaired because they are more likely to have the expertise you need. 

New York Scooter Dealer Phone Number City Makes Sold
 Arkport Cycles  607-295-7426  Hornell  
 Bay Harbor Motors  718-447-2020  Staten Island  
 Buffalo Scooter Company  716-845-5020  Buffalo  
 Canandaigua Motorsports  585-394-7490  Canandaigua  
 Champion Honda  516-433-6700  Hicksville  
 Country Rode Motorwerks  585-421-0480  Fairport  
 Cycle Therapy  212-828-2575  NYC  
 Filer's Powersports  585-464-9999  Macedon  
 Glider City Powersports  607-734-1223  Elmira  
 Gold Coast Motorsports  516-360-1620  New Hyde Park  
 Griffin Motorsports  581-381-4883  Schenectady  
 Hollink Motorsports  585-352-1930  Spencerport  
 Hudson Valley Cycle Center  845-340-1100  Kingston  
 Indian Motorcycle of Mineola  516-248-5555  Mineaola  
 Island Powersports  516-795-4500  Massapequa  
 Lane's Yamaha  607-535-7574  Watkins Glen  
 Long Island Kawasaki Yamaha  516-935-6969  Hicksville  
 Mad Dog Scooters  347-698-4835  Bronx  
 New York Honda Yamaha  718-784-6200  Long Island City  
 New York Motorcycle  719-479-7777  Queens Village  
 Outdoor Motorsport & Trailer Sales  518-883-3319  Amsterdam  
Prospect Powersports  718-462-6580  Brooklyn  
Scooter Bottega  718-858-4667  Brooklyn  
 Scooter City  516-470-0409  Island Park  
 Second Stroke Mopeds  347-405-5255  Brooklyn  
 Shelby's Powersports USA  718-828-8599  Bronx  
 Vespa Brooklyn  718-254-0808  Brooklyn  
 Vespa Manhattan  212-603-9669  Manhattan  
 Vespa Schenectady  518-302-1366  Schenectady  
 Wheelsport Center  914-636-7235  New Rochelle  
 Your Vespa  800-241-8178  Ossining  
 Zoom Scooters  718-326-8880  New York  

Scooter Dealers in New York

Parts Availability: If you buy from a local scooter shop in New York then you can call them at any time to have parts serviced or replaced. If you purchased your scooter elsewhere then it’s going to be a bit more of a hassle. Local scooter dealers will have the parts you need because they sell the scooter you bought. Usually a company will be more likely to keep parts in stock, or be able to order them for you on short notice. 

Support Your Local Economy: Did you know that your local shop is likely owned by a small business? If you want to support your local economy, put money back into your area and improve your area then purchasing local is the way to go. 

Expertise: Last but not least, a dealer will be someone that you can visit or call at any time for help with your scooter. Whether you want to know where to get modifications, how to get your M class license or just know more about the industry, benefits and lifestyle, chances are you can find the information at a local Michigan scooter shop.

The confusion between mopeds and scooters is prevalent because both bikes are lightweight model motorcycles and over time, many of their characteristics have become interchanged. Today, both are very similar in appearance and style, and even manufacturers may sometimes confuse the two titles. As a rule of thumb, just choose a model based on what you want to use it for.  

Choosing a motor scooter should involve research based on the capabilities and options presented by the bike as well finding the right scooter dealers. Setting a budget and sticking to it can also help buyers to choose the bike they want without going over the price they can afford. Usually what the scooter will be used for, such as driving between work, or driving for fun, or transporting groceries or etc. should be used as a major determining decision before choosing the bike. Many scooter manufacturers offer multiple models so make sure that you check out your options, compare prices, and research your needs before a purchase.

Scooter Clubs in New York

NY Scooter Club              The Hornet Scooter Club

Before you purchase a scooter, you should consider getting your M class license. This license allows you to ride scooters, motorcycles and other two wheeled vehicles in public and on roads. You can check with your local DMV for information. Most DMV locations will have M class license training, including the rental of a scooter that you can learn to drive on. Remember that some scooter sellers will not allow you to purchase a scooter without this license.

Any two wheeled bicycle or scooter that can be operated without pedaling is considered to be a motorized vehicle and is subject to a number of laws in the United States. Unfortunately, these laws do vary by city, state, and county, and each area can make their own laws, some of which are very restrictive. However, for the most part, the laws cover the same basic rules, which can be applied to any area in the U.S. These laws include the following.  

Licensing: Anyone who intends to drive on a regular road or street rather than a sidewalk requires a motorcycle or moped license in order to drive legally. In addition, it is almost always a good idea to get licensing for any two wheeled motorized vehicle, no matter what the power, as regulations vary, even for low-power 25cc and under vehicles. If the scooter drives faster than 30 miles per hour, you most likely need a license to drive it.  

Helmets: Helmets are required for any road-worthy vehicle when being driven on the road. Most three or four wheel scooter users can get away without a helmet on a sidewalk or street but two-wheel scooters almost always require a helmet for safety reasons. Many states require anyone under 18 to wear a helmet while on a scooter but an increasing number of states are requiring all drivers to wear one.  



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